Multimeter use EX4 test AA battery and 9V battery with multimeter

Multimeter   use     test    battery 

Analog  multimeter  has 1.5V  BATT range  and  9V BATT range  for especially  testing  small battery. BATT range operation  is   different   from  DC voltage range.    BATT  range  has  accurate measurement  and  precise  method to test AA and 9V  battery.  BATT  range  has  internal  low  value   resistor  and when set to this range  the  current  from test  battery will  flow through  the resistor and there is some voltage across the resistor , the multimeter will display voltage from  the resistor.   But , DC voltage range is tested while test battery is open circuit (current does not flow) because DC voltage range has high  input impedance so it is not  a  precise measurement to test AA and 9V battery  , however ,  In many case  it  is  still  useful to test battery with  DC voltage range (Rough or approximate  measurement).

Step  to  check  1.5V  9V  battery  with   multimeter.   

1. Insert  the  red  test  lead to   + terminal  and  the black test lead to COM  terminal.

2. Turn  range switch  to 1.5V BATT for testing  1.5V  AA  battery  and   9V BATT  for  testing  9V battery.

Test  multimeter  Test   AA  battery
                                  Test  AA  1.5V   battery  with  1.5V  BATT  range

Test  multimeter  Test   9V    battery
                                Test   9VDC    battery  with  9V  BATT  range

Battery  test

                                            Battery  test   range  ( BATT)

3.    Reading the test result.

Good  battery :  the pointer will point  at  Good scale area.

Good  or  bad ?  :  the pointer will pint at  Scale ? area , this condition battery can be used for low current consumption device , such  as wall clock  , but not suitable for  device  need  power.  

Bad :  the pointer will point at  Bad scale area , it's time to change  a  battery.

Some analog  multimeter and digital multimeter has not  BATT range , this case it  will  use DC voltage range to check battery  but is not a precise measurement to test battery.   DC voltage range to test battery is   approximate  measurement  which  is still useful  and  acceptable  for many case.

Test  multimeter  Test   AA  battery

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