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Monday, March 20, 2023

Multimeter use how to test IGBT and testing electronic components with multimeter

 Multimeter  use  how  to   test   IGBT  using  Analog  Multimeter   and  Digital  Multimeter

IGBT  TESTING     IGBT  has 3 legs  , namely  , Gate ,   collector  and  Emitter  , Its working principle  is  input voltage control output current.   we can use this basic bias to test whether it  is a   bad or good  IGBT. Important note analog Multimeter  use on this article it  is  a version that  black test lead  supply V+ and red  test lead supply V- , when  setting    to  resistance test function.

TEST    IGBT   мультиметр

Connection diagram   to   test  IGBT   ON / OFF testing.

Sample  IGBT  has  Gate  Collector   and   Emitter ( pin No.  1 2 3 respectively )

Step to test  IGBT  ON / OFF TESTING
1.  Take  IGBT  part number  to find  leg function from datasheet.
2.  Connect test leads with  IGBT  leg as photo above.
3.  Set analog multimeter to  Rx10K  as  this range it will  supply  9VDC  from internal battery.  9VDC is high enough  to  bias gate leg  so  IGBT is  working as  ON state.
4. Use  resistor's  leg to temporarily  connect  between  G  leg and C leg ; the pointer's of multimeter move  forward  to  low resistance  as shown  on  photo.
5. After removing resistor leg  the pointer 's of multimeter  hold
the same position  because   IGBT  is still working  as  ON  state , this is  for a  good  IGBT indication   but  the bad  IGBT  can not  hold  ON state  so  the  multimeter's   pointer   move backward  to   ∞  position after  removing resistor's leg.