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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Multimeter test zener Didoe

 HOW  TO   TEST  ZENER  DIODE   by   digital multimeter   and  Analog multimeter

test   zener  Didoe

ZENER  DIODE TESTING    Zener diode is a subtype  of  a diode  and  it  use on circuit as   a different function from standard diode.   Standard diode we use it as forward bias mode but  for Zener diode we use it as reverse  bias mode on circuit.  When  applying  forward bias to  zener diode it will conduct and let current flow as standard diode  ,  another condition  when  applying  reverse bias to zener diode it will not let current flow until   the  voltage supply  is  over  the zener  breakdown voltage then it will let current flow.

ZENER   Diode

Basic  Circuit  of   zener Diode

Basic  Circuit  of   zener Diode

How to check zener diode , it has more detail then checking standard diode  as it is  a subtype of diode so in some condition  checking method  is  as  same as standard diode.   Before checking you have to know  important technical detail of multimeter.  We  set  analog multimeter to  range Rx1 or  Rx10 , let consider at the test lead there is 3VDC 150mA for  Rx1 range  and  3VDC 15mA for Rx10.

digital multimeter   Analog multimeter
There is  3VDC 150mA  at  the test leads ,   Rx1 range,  of  Analog Multimeter.