Multimeter use EX2 how to check voltage with multimeter

Check    voltage    with    multimeter   

Multimeter  can   test  voltage , current , resistance.   Check  voltage with digital  multimeter is easy to read the measured value  as  it  a  numberic  displays.  Check  voltage  with  analog  multimeter will explain too.

Step   to   check  voltage  with   multimeter.

The most important   point to  check  voltage  with   multimeter is the  appropriate range selection and the right test leads connection.

1.  Estimate the target voltage amount  , seek information from  device label , manual ,calculation. Unknow voltage  must  set  voltage range to the  highest range.  For example test  6VDC battery use 10VDC range (analog  multimeter )  ,  220VAC socket  use 250VAC range.  Low cost digital multimeter  must choose range by manual  but  advanced digital multimeter can  provide  auto range.

2. Plug the red test lead to  V terminal  and the black test lead to  COM terminal  , see photo.  While testing  do not touch the tip of test leads  ,  always hold at insulated area of  test leads.

3. Turn  range   switch   to the   appropriate range ,  DCV range  for testing  DC voltage and  ACV  range  for testing AC voltage.  Some model of  digital multimeter has auto range but some model of digital multimeter has not  ,  you have to select the suitable range by manual   , for example 6VDC battery  choose  20DCV range to check.

Test  multimeter  Test  Volt  with  multimeter
                     6VDC battery select  DCV range to check ,  the  multimeter  has  auto  range.
DC voltage has polarity so it  must connect  red test  lead to  positive terminal ( V+) and the black test lead to negative terminal ( V-).

Test  multimeter  Test  Volt  with multimeter
6VDC battery select  20  DCV range to check , the multimeter has not  auto range so user must  select  the  appropriate  range  for   target  voltage.

Test  multimeter  check  Volt  with  multimeter
    The target   voltage   across   resistor  is  DC  voltage  so  select  DC range  to  check.

check  voltage
 Select   10DCV  range  to check  6VDC battery and read value  from 10 DCV scale.
In this case  multimeter  point   at  5.9VDC.

4.  Disconnect the lead tests before changing the  voltage  range.

5. Read the measured value from display.

Test  multimeter  Test  Volt  with  multimeter

  Select AC voltage range to check  220VAC socket.  AC voltage has not polarity so it can switch test leads.

Test  Volt  with  multimeter
Select  250ACV  range to check  220VAC socket.  AC voltage has not polarity so it can switch test leads.   Read measured  value   from  250ACV scale , this case reading is about  210VAC.

The  appropriate  AC Voltage range selection
ACV 10      range     for testing  0-10V        , suitable for  0-10V
ACV 50      range     for testing  0-50V        , suitable for  10-50V
ACV 250    range     for testing  0-250V      , suitable for  50-250V
ACV 1000  range     for testing  0-1000V   , suitable for  250-1000V

The  appropriate  DC  Voltage  range  selection
DC 0.1      range     for testing  0-0.1V        , suitable for  0-0.1V
DC 0.5      range     for testing  0-0.5V        , suitable for  0.1-0.5V
DC 2.5      range     for testing  0-2.5V        , suitable for  0.5-2.5V
DC 10       range     for testing  0-10V         , suitable for  2.5-10V
DC 50       range     for testing  0-50V         , suitable for  10-50V  
DC 250     range     for testing  0-250V       , suitable for  50-250V  
DC 1000   range     for testing  0-1,000V    , suitable for  250-1,000V

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